Downer wins best stand at Ausrail 2013

Downer Rail @ Ausrail 2013 Downer Rail engaged Sydney Based agency Absolute Creative to build a strategic marketing campaign around their presence at Ausrail 2013, that included strategic marketing, team workshops, collateral design, video strategic development, production management, graphic design and display stand design and production. Built around unified messaging, the stand provided different business units within Downer to have a presence on stand  in a way that leveraged cross business capabilities. It was essential that we communicated the message that Downer is the market leader and is here for the ling haul. Downers presence was commented on by many show attendees, and Downers efforts were noticed by the judging panel from Informa and Ausrail the shows organisers and hosts, who awarded Downer "Best Custom Stand over 54m2" In addition Downer was commended for presenting at the show with a stand that was truly on an international calibre, and that had in its presence raised the bar for the standard of exhibition displays at the show.

The New Sydney Exhibition Centre – Glebe Island – How to achieve success in a temporary venue.

The new Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island is only a matter of weeks away from its inaugural show, and whilst on first inspection there will be pitfalls and challenges to overcome, the venue will provide a dynamic location for the home of Sydney based exhibitions for the immediate years ahead. Having been used to SCEC, where the ceiling height enabled dynamic overhead structures along with  rigged AV and lighting, the Glebe facility, whilst boasting an impressive overall floor plan, will restrict exhibitors to lower overall stand heights and no flown elements, lighting or AV. Transport onto the site will probably be quite straightforward, however the transit of exhibition stands and freight from truck to exhibition hall, will prove "interesting". The impact on shows at the venue overall will be that the exhibition floor will become in intense space, where the mantra should be, not haw much can my stand say, but rather how clearly can I communicate my message. To ensure your get the best results possible from your next exhibition, consider the visitor and how the space will work for them.... As a Creative Agency, Absolute Creative are all about achieving results for our clients. We can provide your business with the very best tools to attract leads to your next show, and then qualify them before they have even stepped onto your stand.  Call us now to discuss how we can help you - 02 8208 6221.  

Tracker special offer

In order to help our clients to get the very most out of every trade show or exhibition, we are offering the tracker service on iPad for as little as $1. As part of any exhibition display stand package we will be offering clients the opportunity to take advantage of this great new app and solution. If you provide the iPad we will provide the tracker service through Infosalons for $1.  If you simply want us to provide the iPad for the duration of the show and the leads at the end of the show it will cost $250.  This offer is limited to 1 service per expo. If you want to find out more, contact us now...

Infosalons Exhibitions and Tradeshows Tracker App

If you take part in exhibitions or trade shows then you will understand that keeping track of your show leads is essential.  There is nothing worse that returning to the office after a great show, to a bowl of business cards or a pile of hastily written notes. The challenge is getting back to leads in a timely manner.  In fact in most cases the single biggest reason people dont win work from trade shows, is that they simply don't follow up. I often hear from exhibitors that trackers are expensive, they don't give the flexibility to customise lead qualifiers on the run and have a limited number of qualifiers. Well all of this has now changed, Infosalons has released their new tracker app, which means you can now track leads on your iPhone or iPad.  You can add your own qualifiers, and then you can download everything at the end of the show. Whilst it still costs a few hundred dollars it is a great way to keep track of your trade show leads. Because we want our clients to get the very most out of every trade show or exhibition we have a very special offer where Infosalons Australia are providing the tracker service. Find out more about our limited offer.  

Unleashing The Power of Exhibitions – Introduction

UNLEASHING THE POWER OF EXHIBITIONS INTRODUCTION If you’re a business executive and you have an extraordinary opportunity to draw in specially-targeted visitors in a specially controlled venue/environment to present your product, service or brand in a face-to-face and interactive manner, would you do it? More often than not, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. The second reasonable question would be: How? Well, the answer is pretty simple: Through ‘Exhibitions’. Exhibition is one of the most if not the most powerful marketing tool for companies available these days--besting out other business media choices including telemarketing, direct mail and advertising among other things. Having said that, organizing and executing a successful exhibition isn’t easy. It requires meticulous planning from experienced individuals/organizations and an unbelievable amount of teamwork to really get off and produce positive/profitable results. ABSOLUTE CREATIVE are a highly accomplished and competent agency that specialize in face to face marketing and brand communication. Our extensive track record speaks for itself. With a diverse list of clientele—helping small and big businesses and corporations alike build their brands from the ground up for more than a decade—we’ve pretty much seen it all. From marketing to research to branding and just about any effective strategy (modern/traditional) to get the word out there; you name it, we’ve done it and with profitable results to boot. ABSOLUTE CREATIVE understand that a brand, no matter how established or small it is, needs an effective advertising campaign to appeal to the modern day consumers. Traditional means of advertising just won’t cut it in this day and age especially now that consumers are always on the go and have short attention spans. What they need is something that excites them in an instant. Something that touches their sensibilities that would persuade them to invest time and money for you in their otherwise busy schedules. That’s where a carefully planned and executed Exhibition comes in. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula to a successful Exhibition. There are, however proven principles that can be custom-fitted to every client’s unique needs. As a company that’s been in the game for quite some time, we make sure that our highly competent and experienced personnel would work with you from planning to execution without discounting your input or ideas. We listen to your grievances and opinions and when all is said and done, we see to it that you have a say in every decision that we make along the way. Because putting up a successful Exhibition need not be tedious, the team at ABSOLUTE CREATIVE would do everything we can to make sure that you enjoy the process as much as we do. Next : the steps to success Having A Clear Objective   1. Have a Clear Objective It is essential to have clear objectives and stated outcomes from attendance at any trade shows and public exhibitions. Without an end goal in sight, we are leaving the results from the show up to luck and chance, which is a pretty silly way to spend marketing dollars. At the end of the day, exhibiting at a trade show or public exhibition is an outcome based activity, and if we know the desired outcome, we can build a strategic campaign around this. From here we can test and measure every aspect of the campaign to make sure that it is working positively to achieve the stated outcome. As a guide, possible outcomes could be i)             Leads Generated ii)           Contracts signed iii)          Brand awareness generated iv)          Giveaways handed out   Our E Book Launches on the 10th July, so well keep you posted ! Table of Contents Foreword.............................................................. 5Introduction.......................................................... 7Benefits of exhibiting........................................... 111. Have a Clear Objective.....................................172. Plan to Succeed – Exhibition Strategy............. 193. USP (Unique Selling Proposition) ...................214. Know your Competition................................. 235. Understand your target demographic............ 256. The buying pyramid...................................... 267. Have a clear message – less is more.............. 278. Taking the cheap option................................ 289. Stand out from the crowd - 3 seconds or bust 2910. Dynamic Vs Conservative Brand Promotion 3011. Impressions count - how many do you have. 3112. The importance of “NEW”............................ 3213. The active display solution ......................... 3414. Synergy across communication mediums.... 3915. Train your staff........................................... 4116. Personalise your exhibition experience....... 4317. Reciprocity and Give-Aways ....................... 4518. Collect leads that count............................... 4619. Measure your success.................................. 4720. Follow up your leads or its all for nothing.. 50Conclusion........................................................ 52 

Referron – Mobile Referrals – Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine getting $20,000 of referral leads in one month!   Referron - Mobile Referrals - Anywhere, Anytime  Ever wanted to find an easy way to give and receive referrals easily? Imagine getting $20,000 of referrals in one month...Well here is you next favourite tool, the Referron App.   We were lucky enough recently to work with Ivan Kaye from BSI who introduced us to this great new App. If you have clients who are raving fans then you have achieved the first step in turning this into more business.  The challenge however is often getting the raving fan to refer you when the opportunity arises.  How often is this when you are out of the office and away from your trusty contact list.   Well here is the app that with the click  of button enables you to connect trusted suppliers with new opportunities, and get rewarded for it in the process.   Simply register for free and start giving and receiving referrals.   Try Referron for free now ! If you like the look of what you see email us at referron@absolutecreative for a great deal.

Xeo makes an Impact.

Dynaudio wins best stand at the 2013 HIA Homeshow. Absolute Creative Designed and Implemented a display solution for the launch of the Xeo HD wireless loudspeaker range to the Australian market. Incorporating a clean on brand design and strategic layout focussed on providing an overview of the product range in both graphical and interactive formats. Engaging the audience is really important in a busy consumer environment, so bringing this high quality audio product to life in the visual form was as important as how great the product sounds. It is easy working with a brand that heralds from high end recording and post production studios, and is the perfect companion for the super car of all super cars the Bugatti Veyron. Compared to many entry level wireless speaker systems, the Dynaudio Xeo stands the test of the most discerning audio file. To find out more visit the Dynaudio site

Urban Repurposing and the Pop-Up Revolution – NYC

Bringing you posts from around the globe - the Pop Up Revolution, Check out this post from Douglas Capraro... NYC Repurposes Vacant Spaces and Opens Real Estate Opportunities Friday, June 7th, 2013   Out with the old and in with the new. This often used statement may seem like the motto of 21st century NYC and it has never been more true in terms of New York's recent surge of urban re-purposing. By utilizing vacant and derelict spaces around the city, New York businesses and organizations have utilized and benefited from the large amounts of real estate that these spaces have provided them with. One prime example of this is the emergence of pop-up shops. Pop-up shops are any temporary shops set up in a vacant or unused space. Pop-up shops are mostly used by big name brands to provide consumers with unique and convenient alternatives to larger outlets. This strategy has been particularly successful for a number of companies which include Target and Adidas as well as many luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton. Yet pop-up shops have not been exclusive to big name companies like Adidas nor are they exclusively utilized as consumer retail outlets. In New York and many other cities around the world, the pop-up shop concept has been used to provide people with unique alternatives to bars, art installations, and in the case of SyFy at the SXSW Festival even pop-up hotel rooms. According to renown architect Wink Dubbeldam, re-purposing vacant spaces may also be able to provide cities with the key to the future. On her website My Ideal City, Dubbeldam provides people with a forum to discuss how they would like to re-purpose the city of Bogota, Colombia by asking questions such as, "What empty or isolated areas in your city should become parks?" and "What cultural experience would you like to see temporarily pop-up in your city?" By opening up a forum to discuss what kinds of changes people would like to make in their city, Dubbeldam highlights the benefits of using derelict spaces as realistic and efficient solutions to these problems. One unique example of how New York City has re-purposed its unused spaces was the construction of theHigh Line Park on 20th Street. Built on a portion of the New York Central Railroad Spur, the High Line Park has proven to be a big success for the city and its residents by promoting commerce. This one mile linear park was built on a hazardous expanse of abandoned tracks covered in overgrowth and has since transformed into a neighborhood changing phenomenon. Co-Founder and Executive Director of Friends of the High Line,Robert Hammond considers the High Line not just a park but "an ever changing cultural institution" that he can see expanding in the near future. He, for one, believes that the High Line is an example of just how much re purposing can revolutionize city planning.

Great New App – Referron

Check out this new site and App – Referron If you want to get ahead, give people the opportunity to easily refer your business, product or service. We get great results for our clients, yet I have always found asking for referrals difficult.  With this app, it can all happen in seconds and is really easy. Check out the link

Downtown Dallas – Ground Floor Activation Program

If you want to have a look at what Dallas is planning, take a look at the following link !

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